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Who is Joseph Kony?

Joseph Kony is an African leader who abducts children and forces them to kill there parents. Males go in to a “army” Kony has created, and girls are turned in to sex slaves. 99% of people on the earth don’t know about it, and that’s why it’s still going on. How would you feel if you were taken from your parents and forced to kill them, or because a sex slave. You wouldn’t. There is a group called “The Invisible People.” A couple of years ago the leaders went to congress and asked them if they could stop it, they refused and claimed it as impossible for America to send troops into Africa and capture Kony. 

2011, the impossible was done. Obama sent troops to help capture Kony. But Kony got word, and was able to leave before they were able to capture them. In order for troops to find Kony, they need technology, people and support. Congress stated that if the people dont care, then why would they do it. 

It is our job, as people, who have a voice, to tell people about what Kony is doing and make them aware. Tell them about “Kony 2012.” In order for people to care, they must know. April 20th, 2012, that night, it is our job, to put everywhere “Kony 2012” untill sunrise the next morning.

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